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Oct 23, TIL the Red Ranger in the original "Power Rangers" is now a paramedic in I thought Red Ranger was the one who did gay porn and then killed some people . Sep 2, I guess you have to pay the bills somehow. Austin St. John, formerly the “Red Ranger” of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is now. Feb 2, The former Power Ranger eloquently comforts anyone currently distressed. rumor debunking I'd have to do, because I'm the “Power Rangers” guy in No, the Red Ranger did not do gay porn, he was a military medic (and. Red Power Ranger Gay Porn Rumor

There was a bunch of sweet robots, karate action, and I'm still obsessed with the Pink Ranger. Now one of the Rangers is doing porn, and no, it's not the Pink Ranger. It's no surprise when stars from your childhood end up with train wrecks for lives.

Original Power Ranger Austin St. John Offers Wisdom Over Rick Medina Arrest

According to various reports, Medina was involved in a heated argument with his roommate when he escaped to his room. Medina called the police himself shortly after. I expected better from A. No one listens.


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Which is just sad. I never really search if someone has died but I'm just sad to hear that thuy thrang died in a car accident. John, so you should pull this story. She asked, "Daddy, do you watch Power Rangers? Still watch from time to time, to refresh my memory, It's fun to just sit back and watch it when you havn't seen it in like years. They could have reported the news with the picture of the Red Ranger protrayed by Medina, like I did , but some sites decided to include a picture of the Red Samurai Ranger, as Medina was on Power Rangers Samurai, although he was the villain. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here. Which I still at the ager of 27 today. red power ranger gay porn rumor

What Ever Happened to The Power Rangers?