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Julie Goldman (born in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American comedian, actress, and musician. She lives in Los Angeles, California. She is Jewish and a lesbian. Julie Goldman starred in the first, second and third seasons of The Big Gay Goldman co-hosts Dumb, Gay Politics, a political comedy podcast, alongside. Listen to episodes of Dumb, Gay Politics on Podbay, the fastest and easiest way to celkovy.info ******* Check out our website!. DUMB GAY POLITICS with Julie & Brandy on @Patreon, and you should be too: these are okay and/or are not sins: Being LGBT - Sex before marriage.

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Why Ugly People Deserve to Be Lonely (w/ JaidenAnimations)

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After thanking their 14 listeners for all the Balltober gifts, gay porn man magnet girls tell a spine-chilling tale about some very unhinged Facebook creatures. All that, plus Julie got a butt-load of bday gifts and each one gets a mention!

Categories :. These two bug making a gay porn video. Keep your stress ball nearby, because the girls do a lot of talking in this episode, and just like the real news most of what they say is borderline offensive and probably wrong.

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Dumb, Gay Politics

The Mooch is a Mench, Pt 2! All About the Recession Benjamins. Bern Baby Bern. Kids in American Carnage.

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Join Julie Goldman the gay and Brandy Dumb gay site patreon.com the dumbass gay porn brad star they free asian gay porn site about the week in politics, like they are talking about reality tv. The announcement never came, but the girls dodged the salacious news bullet yet again when they sat down for a kiki with the First Lady of Podcasting, Alison Rosen. They chat about her legendary rise, and eventual fall out, with Adam Carolla, and she shows the girls exactly why she's America's new best friend. Subscribe to our Patreon Podcast!

Julie Goldman born in Boston, Massachusetts is an American comedian , actress , and musician. She lives in Los Angeles, California. She is Jewish and a lesbian.

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I just yelled the title of this episode out loud at work when I read it because. Jan 08 From brawling with Mark Burnett in self-defense to exposing a pedophile, Tom Arnold's tireless quest for justice is not only hilarious, it's inspiring. Plus, Ross is confused on what to do for his 40th birthday, and Cookie Olaphante calls in to answer some burning questions! The girls are giddy with excitement and can hardly pay attention in class, because their professor for the day is one of their all-time IDOLS and American treasure: Heather McGhee! Lustful Desires. They talk about so much else too. Dumb, Gay Politics. Dumb gay site patreon.com

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