Wiki wikipediabiographies living persons

wiki wikipediabiographies living persons

Matt Drudge Yet again, insertion of "speculation" about Drudge's sexual orientation [1] is being . A new article would end the chaos. What counts as a reliable source is very clearly defined in Wiki policy, so that is not an issue. USchick (talk).
Biographies of living persons ("BLPs") must be written conservatively and with .. Wikipedia is not a forum provided for parties to off- wiki disputes to continue.
Wikipedia: Biographies of living persons /Noticeboard. . Where reliable sources cover the person's involvement in the affair to a noteworthy extent, inclusion to..

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The company itself is very insistent that it does not use Multilevel marketing. IP keeps removing the sourced parents info. This was brought up on the talk page and most agree that we shouldn't be labeling her if she doesn't label herself. Sometimes redirects and other articles will be edited to change their subject to a BLP of a different person. For disputes, seek dispute resolution. The following discussion has been closed. Either way, I think I'd like to get some clarification in the BLP guidelines, please. If the subject complains about the inclusion of the date of birth, or the person is borderline notable , err on the side of caution and simply list the year.

wiki wikipediabiographies living persons

Unlike standard proposed deletionwiki wikipediabiographies living persons, the BLP deletion template may be removed only after the biography contains a reliable source that supports at least one statement made about the person in the article. Many Wikipedia articles contain material on people who are not well known, even if they are notable enough for their own article. Database sources such as Notable Names DatabaseInternet Movie Database and Internet Adult Film Database are not considered credible since they are, like many wikismass-edited with little oversight. To episode exclusive donald trump additional comments edit the current main page and link to this page for context if needed. This has been removed twice already, however the information keeps returning. I suggest and request that others review that material, and my attempt at using NPOV to present the controversy fairly. Articles should document in a non-partisan manner what reliable secondary sources have published about the subjects, and in some circumstances what the subjects have published about themselves. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To defend the inclusion, one editor has said "The National Post is a reliable source. They will then automatically be watched and all edits reported to an IRC-based monitoring channel at wikipedia-en-blpwatch. My understanding of things having actually attended one family graduation there is that the individual colleges are not simply dormitories, but have or had, wiki wikipediabiographies living persons, it's been a while aboutk protect children specialized academic programs, that the diplomas actually listed the "residential" college, and that each college held separate graduation ceremonies for its students. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Wikidata item. And I note you consider these "charges" to be "well-sourced" per WP:BLP. Bourque — including the wiki wikipediabiographies living persons of much of the content that he now disputes, an effort to overwrite the article with a WP:COPYVIO piece that was pure criticism of Bourque without even the slightest attempt at balance or fairness, and multiple attempts to remove the article's strongest claims of notability in order to bolster still other attempts at having the article deleted as non-notable e. An edit war is happening .

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As such, the typical BLPWatch article is a page that has been hit, and may or may not get hit again, but where it would possibly not be promptly noticed by editors, if it were hit again in a few weeks time, where a bad version might stand a while before being seen and identified by editors or readers. The 'Controversies' section is reasonably well sourced but leans a bit too far into synthesis , OR and gives undue weight.

wiki wikipediabiographies living persons