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{{Карточка языка |name = xxxский язык |name-gen = xxxского языка |name- prep= xxxском части речи: ** См. также [[ Приложение: лингвистическая справка ]]. справка /Албанский язык · лингвистическая справка / Английский язык.
Новоя́з (англ. Newspeak) — вымышленный язык из романа-антиутопии Джорджа Оруэлла Оруэлл включил в роман в форме приложения эссе «О новоязе», в котором Английский язык на новоязе получает название «старояз». .. Г. Об одной лингвистической утопии // Социокультурные утопии: Реф. сб.
LinguaLeo" is a freemium online platform offering an English language learning service for In January 2012 Lingualeo released its iPhone app. In March, two years after the launch, Lingualeo had one million users. In May, the team released an..

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China Open Resources for Education. The Old New Thing.

The Old New Thing. Leo the Lion is the main character of the service and a personal guide to the language jungle. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning. Main page Contents Featured content Current events Random article Donate to Wikipedia Wikipedia store. Massive open online education. The service also helps teachers and language schools to provide training, create individualized learning programs, and easily assess student progress. Englishthe English language.

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The Old New Thing. This lion eats meatballs, and to receive the meatballs a user has to read texts, watch videos, complete language quests, and consolidate his knowledge during training.