Story diaries what these couples

story diaries what these couples

Regardless, these two vamps had great chemistry, and Elijah's At least we got a reprisal of their love story at the beginning of Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) are the dream couple for anyone who has.
In several cases, notably those concerning the six couples whose stories we've told in For most of these couples we've also been able to find letters to and from family members, friends, and business associates; diaries and journals;.
The Vampire Diaries is full of awesome love stories that span over many These couples sadly didn't have the amazing chemistry like Elena...

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In fact, most of the characters seem to have history with one another. And most of her friends are mortal now so she can make choices without their judgement.

When you look at relationships on this show you need to do it through the morals of the vampire world, otherwise no one on this show should even be thinking about a romantic relationship. These two characters were drawn together by their mutual feeling of being somewhat forgotten by their friends and family. I actually liked Stephen with Valerie. Enzo nd Bonnie cute, fun nd sweet. And you'll see personalized content just for you whenever you click the Stretch Feed. Fans will never know. Man I actually liked a lot of. But man Caroline gets .

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Add your email to get news about your favorite shows or celebrities. I blame his high school boy dopiness. They went back to being friends. Got swept under the carpet and the show forced her and the rest of the cast to have Ian pretty much the entire show. That steamy one-night stand came out of no where!

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LAKSNET LIVE NATION ENTERTAINMENT ABC Buys Time Loop Mystery 'Echo Point' From 'Good Neighbor'…. That steamy one-night stand came out of no where! Currently residing in Vermont, Smith has given presentations and workshops with Peavy across the nation, including at the Library of Congress and the White House. Aunt Jenna and Alaric had a lovely relationship, which makes it hurt even more that it came to a tragic end. Okay, so things with Klaus didn't really pan out in the long term and now she's got Jesse.
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