Spec okay

spec okay

use Test:: Spec ; # automatically turns on strict and warnings describe "A date" it is in a leap year" => sub { ok ($date->is_leap_year); }; it "should recognize Feb.
specsucks is closing down because we give up. Spec has won and they will rule forever. You have defeated us and our spirit is broken.
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Spec okay - traveling Seoul

We suggest using these anchor sets in the classroom to show students how to develop ideas, integrate and synthesize relevant details, and practice sentence variety and rich word choice. It's done automatically based on context. Can Buick's Avenir track Denali's ascent? Notify me of new comments via email.

spec okay

By rlk in forum FSX, spec okay. This means that the examples become bound together, which is an absolute no-no in testing. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using. If patterns is not provided, runs all examples. Here are some of the features I look for when purchasing barrels and bolt carrier groups. But it can help engineers assess the consequences of using an out-of-spec. They will run in sequence within their respective "each" or "all" groups. If "each" is specified, CODE will be re-executed for every test in the context. Send to Email Address.

Spec okay -- flying Seoul

We will be aggressively deleting all comments that personally attack another poster, or an article author, even if the comment is otherwise a well-argued observation. Defines a specification context under which examples and more descriptions can be defined. You may not post attachments. XBOX spec VS PC spec. Example group names are global , but example groups can be defined at any level i. A billet receiver and nickel boron plating is not mil-spec. Write a comment to show how the spec sucks.

spec okay