Life span chapter flash cards

life span chapter flash cards

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Tertiary Prevention actions, such as immediate and effective medical treatment, that are taken after an adverse event such as illness or injury occurs, and are aimed at reducing the harm or preventing disability. When startled the newborn arches its back, throws back its head, and flings out its arms and legs. Psychoanalytic Theory theory of human development that holds that irrational, unconscious drives and motives, often originating in childhood, underlie human behavior. Apgar scale A quick assessment of a newborn's body functioning. Childhood occurs when children use their existing schemes to deal with new information or experiences. Toddler Memory Toddlers can remember and reenact more complex sequences than infants can.

life span chapter flash cards

Foster care a legal, publicly supported system in which a maltreated child is removed from the parents' custody and entrusted to another adult or family, which is reimbursed for expenses incurred in meeting the child's needs. Memories of skills and routine procedures that are performed automatically Implicit memory refers to the conscious memory of facts and experiences. Child - directed speech the ways words are combined to form acceptable phrases and sentences. Dishabituation the process that occurs when individuals focus on the same object and an ability to track another's behavior is presents, one individual direct another's attention, and reciprocal interaction is present. Antisocial Behavior Actions that are deliberately hurtful professional resources home conferences forlaterlife later life creating culture wellbeing destructive to another person. Semantics the appropriate use of language in different contexts. Core knowledge approach the focusing of mental resources on select information. What is your email? Also called fraternal twins. No single type of day care has proven to be best. Proximal parenting Caregiving practices that involve being physically close to the baby, with frequent holding and touching. Oedipus Complex the unconscious desire of young boys to replace their father and win their mother's exclusive love. Spending so much time sleeping helps them use most of their energy for the doubling of birthweight Infant Senses Senses function at birth, and develop rapidly with exposure to the environment. Theory of Mind A life span chapter flash cards theory of what other people might be thinking. Primary Prevention Actions that change overall background conditions to prevent some unwanted event or circumstance, life span chapter flash cards, such as injury, disease, or abuse Secondary Prevention actions that avert harm in a high-risk situation, such as stopping a car before it hits a pedestrian.

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Prosocial Behavior Actions that are helpful and kind but that are of no obvious benefit to the person doing them. The resulting buildup of phenylalanine in body fluids causes brain damage, progressive mental retardation, and other symptoms.

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Walking Walking progresses from reflexive, hesitant, adult-supported stepping to a smooth, coordinated gait. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa Perseveration The tendency to persevere in, or stick to, one thought or action for a long time. Experimental A research method that tries to determine the cause-and-effect relationship between two variables by manipulating one called the independent variable and then observing and recording the ensuing changes in the other called the dependent variable.