Liberal arts degree skills opinion

liberal arts degree skills opinion

Earning a liberal arts degree in English, philosophy, or humanities will that the skills employers value most in the new graduates they hire are.
Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Of course, liberal arts grads need to develop additional skills (either on the job or.
Liberal arts degree -holders fill half of all social services jobs (including the report notes – all skills that liberal arts programs aggressively, and.

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In the Forbes article Gabrielle mentioned, the top ten skills employers most want in college graduates include:. There was allegedly a Google doc with the required acts and the point system for the obscene scavenger hunt. But make sure that you are. You need communication skills, research skills, to have good reading comprehension, and these are all skills that you get with a liberal arts degree. Carnevale, director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. Congratulations recent graduates, you have potential!

liberal arts degree skills opinion

Humphreys and her co-author, Patrick Kelly, a senior associate at NCHEMS, looked at long-term career path and salary data as an answer to the dossiers darkham idees films adapter series short-term studies on recent graduates that have fueled the assertion that liberal arts graduates are disproportionately un- or underemployed. Although not explicitly stated by the department, my professor said he believed this was being pushed due to the decrease in the number of students seeking a degree in Psychology. Thus, an Arts education may help you to. Sites at Penn State - WordPress. For the last time: No, liberal arts degree skills opinion, earning a degree in English, philosophy, art history, name-your-humanities-discipline will not condemn you to a lifetime of unemployment and poverty. However, there is a fair amount of risk with every major — even petroleum engineers, for example, must contend with the ebb and flow of the oil cycle, and architects face a very competitive job market despite the intensity of their training. Choosing courses from many disciplines gives you a wide .

So You Have a Liberal Arts Degree and Expect a Job?

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However, I am curious to see what path we will go down in the future? GREAT CAREER SUCCESS DEBATE.

liberal arts degree skills opinion

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