Innocent traitor novel lady jane

innocent traitor novel lady jane

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Innocent Traitor has ratings and 1562 reviews. Iset said: The Lady Innocent traitor: a novel of lady Jane Grey, Alison Weir Story of Lady Jane Grey, who.
Click here to read reviewer Michael Leonard's take on Innocent Traitor . One of the great pawn's of Tudor history, Lady Jane Grey is a fascinating character, cast..

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The Lady Elizabeth was bad but mildly entertaining, possibly because of the appearance of one of the most interesting figures from history, but Innocent Traitor is just plain bad. From what I interpret from history, she likely didn't have too much of an idea how far her parents would go, but she knew what she was doing. Her thoughts and actions were to me unbelievable. She had a strict mother who essentially hated her because she wasn't a boy. With all the political machinations on the various sides all vying for the throne should make for an interesting novel but throughout the novel I found my attention wander. Discover Great New Music. Unabashedly honest and exceptionally intelligent, Jane possesses a sound strength of character beyond her years that equips her to weather the vicious storm. But I have enjoyed no such comforting sense of well-being or elation at the glorious prospect fac- ing me, God willing.

innocent traitor novel lady jane

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  • While I consider myself to be a fairly illiterate in terms of art appreciation, this particular masterpiece, has somehow always attracted me to it, sent many a question to my head.
  • It's ridiculous and the scenes were pretty graphic.

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My one criticism is that some of Weir's characters seem two dimensional and I wish that she would use more freedom to give them that third dimension -- make them do or say something surprising once or twice -- rather than stick to what is believed to be historically accurate. Mistress of the Monarchy: The Life of Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster. Personally, interest in the life of Lady Jane Grey was kindled because of a painting that hangs in the National Gallery in London — The Execution of Jane Grey , Paul Delarouche. She had a father that really couldn't care less about her. She personifies dignity and grace!

innocent traitor novel lady jane