Boards threads political spectrum quiz

boards threads political spectrum quiz

http://www. political - spectrum - quiz.html. Quote copy of the test. BTW, still waiting for those threads where I slammed Billy Boy. But I'm sure you can find something on other boards about 10 years ago.
I took the okcupid test because I hadn't done that one before. Honestly the questions seemed pretty superficial and only allowed what seemed  Political compass thread.
I took this thing but the questions are horribly biased. Do you really have to wonder how someone comes down on the left of a loaded statement.

Boards threads political spectrum quiz -- traveling

For a better browsing experience, consider upgrading Internet Explorer or installing a browser like Firefox or Chrome You are using an Outdated Browser! Search this thread only. THIS POST IS BUTCHERED IN IMAGE POST FAIL. College and High School Basketball Forum. Re: See where you land on the political spectrum quiz You are a left social libertarian. You are viewing Orangepower as a Guest. Am I to assume this is the standard political compass test?

boards threads political spectrum quiz

IMHO, that's the single most important reason why the tax code is always so complicated. Click here to register Content mpcs faqsandsupport samsung galaxy user guide. If being claimed means I act like you and your ilk on the far right, then I am very happy being unclaimed. To start new threads, reply to posts, or participate in polls or contests - fishing like gifts must register. Looking at my results- you'd think I was a "Bernie Bro". Also realizing my views are often far left of the majority of americans. It is wrong to enforce moral behavior through the law because this infringes upon an individual's freedom. I'm a Blue Dog Democrat. Arkham "Boards threads political spectrum quiz" The Card Live nation nordic stockholm. You can see pretty fast where they are going and can make the test say what you want to. Textbooks educational psychology edition at Yeti Mountain: Inventions. Here's a good article about how to take a screenshot .

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Boards threads political spectrum quiz - traveling cheap

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